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Designed to improve sales, enhance customer service, and streamline operations, our managed marketing solutions are the game-changers you’ve been waiting for.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, customer expectations are higher than ever. Now with Social Media + AI Messenger Advertising we bring you next-level customer engagement through our state-of-the-art marketing solutions.

We manage the entire process for you through our monthly retainer model, ensuring consistent performance and ongoing performance.

What Makes Graphiker Advertising Unique?
24/7 Customer Support

Unlike human agents, our software powered solutions are available round the clock, ensuring that your customers are never left hanging.

From websites to Facebook Messenger and Instagram to WhatsApp and SMS, our managed marketing can be integrated across multiple platforms.

Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with our all-inclusive monthly retainer. No more one-off projects or frequent renegotiations. We handle everything, so you can focus on running your business.

Choose your Channel


Automate your Instagram Direct Messages for optimal results. Our Instagram DM Automation service is your go-to-patform for elevating your Instagram marketing strategy, driving sales, and enhancing customer relations.

Boost your product sales
Guide your customers to the perfect product right within Instagram DMs.

Streamline lead qualification
Efficiently qualify leads through automated dialogues, saving you valuable time.

Elevate user engagement
Amplify your follower metrics, comments, and interactions by leveraging message-driven campaigns.

Offer immediate customer support
Enhance customer satisfaction while reducing the workload on your support team.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Powered by Graphiker’s AI Advertising. Automate customer engagement and satisfaction on Facebook Messenger, freeing up your time for other important tasks.

Go Mobile with Confidence
With an estimated 2.4 billion users on Facebook Messenger this year, it’s crucial to have a mobile presence.

Optimise Your Facebook Advertising ROI
Integrate Graphiker’s AI Advertising with your Facebook Ads to slash acquisition costs by up to 9X.

Convert Social Interactions into Sales
Address frequently asked questions, recommend products, and even initiate newsletter subscriptions, among other actions.

Seamless Customer Onboarding from Any Platform
With Graphiker’s AI Advertising, generate a universal messenger chatbot that customers engage with through your channel of choice—be it a website, email, or text message..

SMS Text Message

Instantly Engage and Convert
With a staggering 90% read rate within the first 3 minutes, SMS offers an unparalleled channel for immediate engagement. Seamlessly integrate it with Instagram DMs and Facebook Messenger to extend your conversational reach.

Execute High-Impact Campaigns
Leverage the immediacy of SMS for time-sensitive communications and skyrocket your conversion rates.

Multi-Channel Customer Engagement
Initiate dialogues on Facebook Messenger or Instagram and effortlessly transition them to SMS.

Personalise Every Interaction
Tailor your messages to specific audience segments based on their prior engagements with your brand.

Craft Engaging SMS Drip Campaigns
From week-long challenges to regular monthly updates, we employ SMS as a nurturing tool to guide your customers towards making a purchase.

Unleash the Power of Multimedia
Enhance your messaging with visual elements. Showcase your products through images, drive sales with QR code coupons.


Engage and Convert with WhatsApp 
The Rising Star of Messaging Apps.
Automate your sales and customer service processes to interact with your audience on a grand scale. Foster dynamic dialogues on one of the world’s most rapidly expanding messaging platforms.

Transform WhatsApp Chats into Sales Opportunities
Boost your site traffic and effortlessly turn more visitors into loyal customers through interactive WhatsApp conversations.

Rekindle Customer Interest
Send product or service updates to re-engage your customers after a 24-hour period, keeping your brand top-of-mind.

Efficiently Qualify Leads
Gather essential details like email addresses and phone numbers to build comprehensive customer profiles, enabling a more personalised experience.

Elevate Your Customer Support Standards
Automate responses to common customer queries and seamlessly escalate more complex issues to specialised support agents.

The Transformative Impact of Social Media & Messenger Marketing

Messenger Marketing helps you promote your products and reach a wider market, it can also be used for a number of purposes.


Lead generation
Our chatbots can collect and store user information, making lead generation a breeze.

Upselling and Cross-Selling
With real-time customer data, our chatbots can make personalised product recommendations.

Customer service

Automated Support
Handle FAQs and basic queries without human intervention, freeing up your customer service agents for more complex tasks.

Instant Response
Keep your customers satisfied with immediate answers to their queries.


Streamlined Workflows
Automate routine tasks and processes, allowing your team to focus on what really matters.


Graphiker's Managed Ads: Engineered for Sales and Marketing Excellence

Boost your product sales, elevate customer interactions, streamline lead qualification, and offer immediate customer support – all through tailored conversations on Instagram Direct Messages and Facebook Messenger.

How to Get Started
Free consultation

Schedule a call with our experts to discuss your specific needs.

Customised Strategy

We’ll develop a chatbot solution tailored to your business goals.

Seamless Integration

Our team will integrate the ai-chatbot into your exiting systems.

Ongoing Support

Benefits from our continuous monitoring and updates.

"We've seen a 40% increase in customer engagement since integrating Graphiker's ChatBot Ads into our operations."

CEO, Leading Retail Company

Frequently asked questions
A Messenger bot is an automated conversational flow designed to address frequent queries from your customers via Facebook Messenger. This can range from explaining your offerings to collecting customer data, delivering useful content, or guiding them towards making a purchase.
Chatbots are programmed to automatically greet newcomers, distribute content, set up timed messages, and react to specific keywords, among other functionalities. Always working and engaging more efficiently with your potential clients.
With dwindling email open rates and crowded social media feeds, reaching your target audience is increasingly challenging. Messenger Chatbot Advertising tackles this issue by offering real-time, interactive, and highly personalised dialogues with your customers, boasting an impressive 80% open rate.

Absolutely, we tailor each social media advertising campaign to align with your unique business goals. We believe in crafting bespoke conversational experiences that truly reflects your brand, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach.

The cost varies depending on the required features, integrations, and the platforms where you intend to deploy your custom marketing solution. Book a strategy call with one of our experts to discuss what works best for you.

The rise of instant messaging has led to a significant shift in consumer behaviour. Messaging apps now surpass social media platforms in monthly active users by over 20%. Over a billion people interact with business accounts weekly across Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Click-to-Messenger ads and conversational display ads on Facebook are highly effective marketing tools that often outperform traditional digital marketing channels when executed correctly.

We collaborate with top bot-building platforms and software to craft the front end of your social messaging bots. These platforms act as social CRMs, storing valuable data from each interaction, which can be leveraged for customer segmentation. For more complex bots, third-party integrations and custom scripting may be required.
Yes, we frequently incorporate third-party integrations, including syncing data to your existing CRM or other business tools. We can integrate with any online platform that provides API documentation.
When needed, our chatbots may include elements of artificial intelligence (AI) or natural language processing (NLP). We generally use Google Dialogflow to design and train the AI aspects, allowing for seamless integration across various platforms like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
Marketing Chatbots: Your 24/7 Digital Marketer Chatbot marketing employs automated programs to interact with potential and existing customers on your website, app or social media platforms, aiming to drive sales through automated yet personalised conversations.
Wondering About the Investment for Elevating Your Customer Engagement?

The investment in your marketing isn’t just about the cost – it’s about the value it brings to your customer interactions. Costs can fluctuate based on the features you desire, the integrations you need, and the platforms where you plan to launch your social media marketing solution.

Schedule a Strategy Session: Don’t leave it to guesswork. Book a one-on-one consultation with our team to tailor a solution that aligns with your goals.

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